Poise® Pads

Poise® Regular Pads

Ideal when light bladder leakage occurs more regularly. Suitable for women with a chronic cough, or when access to a toilet might be limited.

  • Total Capacity: 240ml
  • 16-count pack
  • Product Code: 91860


Poise® Super Pads

When you’re not able to reach the toilet fast enough, Soft side shields help to ensure leakage is contained.

  • Total Capacity: 370ml
  • 14-count pack
  • Product Code: 91840


Poise® Extra Pads

When you’re not able to reach the toilet fast enough. Side gathers allow these pads to cope with a larger single volume of loss with confidence.

  • Total Capacity: 540ml
  • 12-count pack
  • Product Code: 91862


Poise® Extra Plus Pads

Ultimate protection when the whole bladder may empty at once. Specifically designed for extra protection with each pad extra long.

  • Total Capacity: 700ml
  • 10-count pack
  • Product Code: 91691


Poise® Overnight Pads

The most absorbent Poise Pad. Designed for women who require extra protection. Ideal for overnight use.

  • Total Capacity: 770ml
  • 8-count pack
  • Product Code: 1864C