Caring for Incontinent People

Are you helping someone who is living with incontinence? Below is a library of useful information and advice for carers of people with incontinence, as well as tips for stocking a carer’s kit.

Caring for Someone with Incontinence

Caring for Someone with Incontinence Download [325KB]

If you are a caregiver for someone with incontinence, there is lots of help available for you. Learn about your options and the steps you can take to effectively manage incontinence in our fact sheet.

Caring for Yourself

Caring for Yourself Download [330KB]

Carers Tips and Hints

Carers Tips and Hints Download [332KB]

There are many things that can assist you in caring for a person with incontinence - from choosing the right type of clothing to planning a trip in advance. Find out more helpful tips and hints here.

Continence Tips Booklet

Continence Tips Booklet Download [3754KB]

Having the right tools for the job can help make caring for someone with incontinence a little easier. Check out our Carers Kit brochure to find out about the everyday tools and equipment you can use.