Specially for Children

Children develop bladder and bowel control at different their own pace. Our fact sheets below provide you, and your child, with information and solutions on bedwetting and incontinence in children.

Managing Bedwetting

Managing Bedwetting Download [410KB]

Encouragement and support are two of the most important steps you can take if a child wets their bed. Our fact sheet provides you with advice and recommendations on what you can do to help. Download it here.

Bedwetting Info for Kids

Bedwetting Info for Kids Download [279KB]

After asthma, bedwetting is the second most common health condition in kids, in Australia and New Zealand. Download our fact sheet to find out more.

Special Needs

Special Needs Download [247KB]

Each individual child is different when it comes to achieving bladder and bowel control, and children with special needs may take just a little bit longer than other kids. Find out how you can help to develop healthy bladder habits in your child.