Understanding Incontinence

Here you will find free information fact sheets to help your clients understand incontinence.

What is Incontinence?

What is Incontinence? Download [262KB]

Incontinence is not uncommon, and is nothing to be embarrassed about. It affects approximately 4.8 million men and women of all ages. Learn more about what incontinence is in this comprehensive fact sheet.

Types of Incontinence

Types of Incontinence Download [261KB]

There are different types of incontinence. The severity can range from an occasional urinary leak to reduced bowel control. However, you’re not alone - many people experience this condition. Find out about the most common types of incontinence here.

Causes of Incontinence

Causes of Incontinence Download [257KB]

There are many factors that can contribute to incontinence. In some cases, it’s a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Our fact sheet will help you discover how certain physical changes can increase your chances of developing incontinence.

About Female Incontinence

About Female Incontinence Download [298KB]

Different physical changes experienced by females make them more susceptible to a weaker bladder or bowel. Download our factsheet for information on why incontinence affects women seven to eight times more often than men.

About Male Incontinence

About Male Incontinence Download [301KB]

Male urinary incontinence affects approximately one in 10 men, over 35 years. Most men experience temporary incontinence, but sometimes it can affect others a bit differently. Learn more about male incontinence here.